PlanActive Studio provides a broad range of technical analysis and tools for each municipality that will inform the community, staff and elected officials of potential conflicts in their regulations, plans and manuals. PlanActive's goal is to provide solutions that are easy to understand while developing implementable strategies to meet the vision and desires of each community.

Tara, President of PlanActive Studio,  has led over 60 training workshops, walking audits, charrettes, and stakeholder initiatives that integrate a strong public engagement process that is carried throughout the project.

Tara is certified from the Form Based Code Institute, a certified member of the American Institute of Certified Planners, Florida Planning and Zoning, Orlando Metro Section Board Member for APA,  and past Chairperson of the Board of Zoning Adjustment for the City of Orlando. PlanActive Studio is a registered WBE in Orange County, City of Orlando, Department of Transportation and the State of Florida. 

 PlanActive provides:

  • Land Development Regulations- new ordinances, policy audits, overlays
  • Small Area Studies- neighborhood planning, corridor plans, and redevelopment strategies
  • Comprehensive Planning- updates, policy revisions
  • Training and Workshops-  citizens, staff and elected officials on integrating land use, transportation and policy reform
  • Public Engagement Strategies - online surveys, "hands on" exercises, value added engagement